Back to the Big Red Dot

In less than 8 days, I was back in Tokyo once more.
Unlike the first "quickie" trip, I spent 5 good days this time. The weather was so much better than the last one. I get to travel more around the city and managed to buy some of the nicest things for myself and family.
Can’t imagine what I have been through the first 10 days of Sept. I have to deliver 4 major projects (2 shops in Hong Kong, 1 shop in Singapore and 1 building in Japan). At the same time, I was launching an Asia-Pac promotion for Mid-Autumn Festival. I was feeling kinda "worried" (not stressed) cos’ I hate to deliver shitty, half-fuck jobs. Thankfully, I have Tracy and my French boss. They helped me a lot during my absence. (Having said that, I will be taking off again very soon…What a crazy month for me!)

This is indeed a great Tokyo trip for me! At work, I met some of the finest talents from New York, Hong Kong and Japan. I learnt so much from them. Despite knowing each other for less than a few hours, this multi-nationals team had superb rapport and chemistry. Over this past week, we worked very hard and produced one of the best presentations ever! Our jobs required us to do lots of shopping research (which is damn fun! We get to shop and visit some great landmarks!). We spent 2 good days and nights in GINZA, EBISU and SHIBUYA. Japan is such a great place to shop but many big stores close at 8:30pm daily.

Outside work, we played even harder – My good Singaporean-cum-Japanese friend. Martin Heng, brought us to some very interesting places. We went to this district of toys (at Akihabara Electric Town 秋葉原電気街), comics and gadgets! It is like a big "Sim Lim Town" except they have lots of sex shops and cosplay-themed cafes! Now, I understand why friends like Meijie, Yixi and Kalinda adore Japan so much – cos this is a very strange and weird city. Plus it is also a very cool, clean and beautiful place. This is one place where you can do all the shitty and weird stuffs and walk away freely. Anything is possible in Tokyo.


It is very difficult to be "Lost in Translation"". For sure, I want to come back to do all the "impossibles". Enjoy the pixs!

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