Daily Hatelines

I am beginning to hate journalism. Like millions around the globe, I started each new hopeful day reading some of the most “hateful headlines” of the world. Death, wars, terrorism, economy crisis, protests, bombings, rapes, nuclear talks, murders, suicides, accidents, destruction, disasters, phony politicians, strikes, joblessness, racism, lies and paid propaganda.

Editors today failed to highlight the positive sides of life. Instead, some of these cheap newspapers went so low to entertain ourselves with those senseless men-made politics. Leaders who we appointed by faith failed to deliver stability, peace and better lives for their people. Instead, big power nations’ leaders are hiding behind their own masses of people to rage hatred for all sorts of one-sided righteousness. Of course, editors snowball these hateful sentiment with their “truth-reporting”. “Hatelines” occupy 364 days of the year, leaving the last day of the year “wishing for a better new year”.

The aftermath of the recent “Diaoyu Island” disputes disgusted me. Overnight, we saw protests on both China and Japan. It was like seeing the same old draggy sitcom over and over again. We witnessed “childish acts from these 2 nations” disfiguring each other on the world stage. They justified their ugly acts as “patriotism”. Now, 2 superpower leaders’ unresolved issue has became a 200 million people’s issue. (Hate to point this up again – whenever you have America, oil and land in the same equation, you get endless draggy disputes.) Right now, I am expecting another plotless American season on that North Korea / Iran Nuclear Talk. Oh yes, the Thai Red Shirts season may be back soon – this time with more pyrotechnics – “fertiliser bombs!”

We have certainly evolved tremendously throughout the past 100 years. We are still very much in wars. With better killing-machine and better justification. Better looking leaders, better choices of words / cover-stories and definitely superb usage of media. For whatever reasons we believe in, we are still heading nowhere in the next 100 years to come.

Really, it is getting disgusting. World leaders, editors and parents – please change the world by creating less hatelines. Get rid of those fulcrum politics and let the right leaders walk the talk. At least, let me have a better reason to explain to my young boy why his first newspaper is full of crappy tales.

One Response to Daily Hatelines

  1. Talya says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I think the world’s media amplifies and magnifies problems faced by many, and often makes things feel a lot worse than they really are. I know this is incredibly true in the UK where headlines of failing poiliticians, teen murderers, and a plethora of social issues are rammed down your throat everyday and results in most people feeling depressed that their country is going downhill. And it’s an ever decreasing circle. I have often wondered whether the media actually inspires some of the hideous things you read about. The world would be a happier place if journalists wrote about the good things that happen in life, but I guess they don’t call this good journalism.

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