A weekend of 3D Movies

For the first time in my life, I sat through an entire movie not realising that I have watched the wrong show! Simply amazing, isn’t it? Of course, those 2 monkeys who bought the tickets knew it from the start. When we were at the cinema, I was told (by Tracy and Harshad) that we will be watching “Step Up 3D”. I really didn’t suspect a thing until Felicia told me that we may be watching a different show. I was pretty sure it’s the right show – maybe the title was translated wrongly. At the end of the movie, I went to ask Tracy and Harshad about the “title”. When they started laughing, I knew I was conned. Thankfully, “StreetDance 3D” is quite an entertaining show – thanks to the likes of George Sampson, Flawless and Diversity from the talent reality show – Britain’s Got Talent. The soundtracks are awesome and the dance routines are powerful. Not sure about the strong British accent.
I scored another first with my 2nd 3D movie “Piranha 3D”. It is the first time I saw so many 3D naked babes (warning: hot boobs and bloody penis) in the cinema. I thought I saw more naked girls than the flesh hungry piranhas. Now, I know why this show got a Category III rating. This show will turn many Ah Peks out there into flesh-hunters! It was never about the killer-freak fins or the blood. It was all about the fake boobs.

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