Departure on Reunion Day

I am not used saying goodbye on New Year’s Eve.
It was a strange mixed-feeling inside. I am feeling very happy cos’ I am looking forward to my long holiday in Hong Kong. After 4 weeks of long crazy working hours and tiring trips, I really need a break badly. Therefore, I told myself there will be no long-haul traveling or packed activities (like last CNY in Malaysia) this year – just simply quiet quality time with my wife and kid. (We are planning a couple of free-&-easy days in Macau / Zhuhai over the weekend)

On the other hand, I was feeling very sad (must be the gloomy wet and cold Hong Kong weather). This is our 1st CNY abroad – without our parents and our Singapore friends. Both of my favourite companions – Tracy and Echo flew out today to join their family for CNY. Overnight, the house was so quiet and empty. Lucky for me, Harshad is now in my living room, blasting my speakers with his bloody violent PS3 Game. (Those gun-shots sound so much like the fire crackers!) Everyone I know are now outside Hong Kong! (Friends like Scott, Hong Fei, Zeph and my cousin Tao) While there are plenty of CNY festive elements around us, it is the presence of friends and families that warm up the festive.

Sending Echo off was rather difficult. Elkan couldn’t hold back his emotions and that affected both Echo and me. Honestly, I was feeling very sad to say bye to her. Despite her lowest period, Echo was very kind and lovely towards my family, especially to Elkan. Over the past 10 days, she was like a second nanny – spoiling my son with toys and undivided attention. No wonder, Elkan missed her so much now.

Perhaps Kalinda and my Cousin Yei are right – we are getting old. Got to spend these few days wisely and happily! Afterall, I am not sure what I am celebrating tomorrow. Valentine Day or New Year Day? That will depend what kind of meals Felicia will be baking tomorrow. Fusion, I would say.  

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