Beautiful Zhuhai

This weekend, we decided to continue our weekend tradition – island hopping! Except this weekend, we sailed over to Zhuhai, China (not really an island).

Zhuhai is well-known and loved for many many reasons. Other than the really bad ferry ride, Felicia loves this place very much. Zhuhai has everything we need – from food to shopping to massage! (Of course, this is like Batam to Singapore…except it is a lot cleaner and cheaper!) Women love the shopping. Men love the sexy and exciting night life. Can’t really say much on the blog as my mother, mother-in-law, father and auntie are reading my threads! Ha ha..

With Elkan around, we are making this weekend vacation a very educational one. We brought him to see the Giant Fruit & Vegetable Farm. Also, it is a great place for me to test out my new lens and camera! And for Auntie Bay Bay, she can hug all her favourite vegetables and fruits! Check out those great photos! I bet my mother and auntie are looking at these photos drooling now! (So, here is another good reason to come back and visit us in 2009!) Too bad, I am not a big pumpkin fan. I will certainly be thrilled if they have giantic durian or banana.

As it was such a sunny and cooling Sat, we decided to do some outdoor sports! We ended up cycling around the "Wild Fox" Island. Guess what we did in between our cycling? Tracy and I stopped by an air-rifle game store to play! All thanks to our shooting days in Shanghai, I won 2 soft toys for Elkan and Tracy! Francis, those air gun investments finally paid off! I was the best air-rifle shooter yesterday! (With an amazing 85% accuracy!) So wife, can I buy 2 more air-guns at Mong Kok? Ha ha ha…

Zhuhai is just 1-hour ferry away and it is as fun and affordable like our most-missed Shanghai! Will certainly go back very soon! Maybe when Serene comes end of March!

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  1. yiyi says:

    yeah and next time can i join you guys?

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