I love Facebook!

In just 5 short days, I reunited with 20 old friends on Facebook.  These are my secondary school friends from Dunman! And it is so amazing how one MSN on Monday connected so many souls! Vincent Chng (my primary and secondary pal) MSN me about attending Yonghui‘s wedding on 8th March. I was so so excited that I begged Vincent to give me any contact to link up with my lost pals – especially the old "Ermei" clan! 

On the same day, Meijie sent me a image link (on Facebook) – it was my Sec 3 class photo! From that link, I traced back a library of "people tags" and found many old friends! Karen, Genieve, Baoxuan, Elaine, George and Wenhui! Wenhui is very very nice, she linked me up with the rest of her contacts! Within the next 48 hours, I have many more old Dunman mates (Ida, Mark, Christina, Ginny, Owen, Gerald etc) coming in! You can never guess the level of excitement inside me! I was so excited that I rushed home and updated my wife (also from Dunman) about them! 

Many "small worlds" started to surface. One of the biggest surprise is Ida Ong (my old puppy love) is Francis Goh’s colleague in OgilvyOne. And Yonghui knows my most recent HK visitors – Sally and Jack! Oh my gosh! Isn’t Facebook damn powerful and useful! Haaa.. okay, for this very second (and never again), I am going to say once and for all- "FACEBOOK, I F**KING LOVE YOU!" (The search continue… it is going to be tough as I realised many of us are using English names instead of our old familiar names!)

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