Guess who is here???

This is what happened to those who missed my "What I want for 2009" deadlineJimmy flew all the way here to Hong Kong to fulfill his part of the promise. Must be an unforgettable and scary experience for him. I made him hold up his card in the middle of crowded Lan Kwai Fong at 12am. (haaa… lots of tourists, locals were looking at him!) Mmm.. that brings me to another question – what baby was he referring to?

Finally, Jimmy is here (now only leaving Yifu and Mann Chuan) – I would have completed my Wahbiang Overseas Photo Collection! Haa…. I am not so bad lah.. but it can be an obsessive collector’s habit. Just 3 hours ago, Jimmy came straight to our house right after he checked into his hotel. It was meant to be a surprise visit for Felicia and Elkan. My little monster cannot remember him but stuck with him the whole night. And guess what Jimmy stuck himself with… horrible career-illness… he instinctively got himself hooked on Felicia’s Macbook… doing office work! Haaaa…

Still, we do welcome his presence and wish he can stay a little longer with Master Joe and Elkan. (Jimmy got so many meetings lined up for the next 2 days!) Nevertheless, this weekend will be a noisy weekend. Cos’ we have another Singaporean guest coming to Hong Kong. (Hint – Jimmy’s football friend and he is also another ex-VOXmedia member!)

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