“What I Want in 2009” (Updated)

UPDATED – Finally! The collection is complete! Jimmy and MC delivered their promises and here are the final 22 "I want!" shots! And here are my words for you.

Now, the world is watching you (especially those who wanted money and car- You have the easiest wants and you have exactly 351 days to fulfill your "wants" in 2009! Make sure you enter the CNY Jackpot TOTO, make what people cannot see and STOP investing in those senseless bonds and "plan your retirement" chips! And for those who wanted good health and peace, stay away from junk food, disturbing hollywood shows, porn, internet, facebook, late night supper and painful bosses/clients. And for the one who wanted true love kiss – keep trying until you got the "perfect right one!" And…the queue starts with me! For those spoilt kids, those aren’t "wants" – toys and milk ARE NEEDS!! For the two who wanted healthy babies…Creative ones, you got to reveal your answer (girl or boy) cos’ the bookie is waiting for your results. For the IT chap, get out of your server room…and go into your bedroom / hotelroom / carpark / cinema to deploy your service. Lastly, for the one who wanted superpower, sleep and dream on. And for those who want to sleep, get earplugs. Why, she is snoring at this young age???

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