The 1st Birthday of 2009

This is Felicia’s 1st birthday celebration in Hong Kong. Looking back at my blog last Jan, it was quite a big difference (in terms of crowd – we had Echo, Francis and their parents!) Nevertheless, her afternoon was filled with excitement. 3 rings on the door – 2 real gifts and 1 wrong house call. Felicia still managed to charm "her secret admirers’ gifts" from Singapore – from the great and lovely Meijie, Kalinda, Juliana and the "Special Talented Unique People in Demand" one. (er… that one cannot mention name). Those were great gifts – cake and a very beautiful CRABTREE & EVELYN gift basket!

For Felicia, Tracy and Elkan – it was another "first experience" for them. (I dined at Jumbo 2 years ago). Tonight, I decided to ferry them over to the real, original Jumbo Seafood (at Aberdeen). Mmm.. I re-touched the Singapore Jumbo Seafood logo 2 years ago.. and now I am finally sitting on this look-alike icon. What irony! The experience onboard is good but the food (my first time) is quite disappointing. Certainly, I can see why it has been rotten to its current state now – other than its rich heritage, great service and symbolic icon, the food cannot be compared with our own Singapore Jumbo. Maybe a change of chef would be the answer.

Felicia got her favourite gift tonight – the bag that she wanted so badly in Seoul. She didn’t get the bag cos’ the bargain wasn’t going anywhere. Tracy went back to the shop and secretly bought it for her (of course, making the shop-keeper so happy!). Felicia’s eyes sparkled when she saw the bag – it is like finding back a longlost lover. My gift? A Mighty Mouse for her! (Finally, she can get rid of that dirty old rat!)

Of course, Elkan hasn’t been a good boy tonight. He was thinking someone would have bought Felicia "toy cars or games" that she can share with him. Haaa.. fat hope! It is Felicia… not Joe Chua.. My son, wrong target audience to whine for sharing. Come to daddy lah.

Still, he was a good boy today. I gave him $20 this morning in school, telling him to bring mummy to the cake shop (when she picks him up later) and buy her her favourite egg-tarts. He remembered that and he brought Felicia to the shop as instructed by me. A surprised Felica wondered how he managed to do that "so manly" – leading her to the shop and bought the tarts all by himself. Of course, she suspected I could be that MasterMind.

No big Wahbiang Gathering like before.. but you guys at home did make your presence felt. Life’s so unfair.. I have no house-calls during my birthday. Instead, I have 2 flown-in intruders in my house instead! Haaaaa…. Thanks for all the effort and fun! Love you guys so much!

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  1. Tam says:

    Thanks all u guys in Spore, Shanghai & Oklahoma for all the well wishes via sms, msn & facebook! And thanks for making my little wishes come true! The Cova cake, the bag, the mouse and my all time favorite, flowers!And my heart broken little monster who realised that he didn’t buy mummy a real present all wrapped up and give to me like daddy & aunti bay bay. So I’ll have to take him out to shop for me but I cannot see what is it and have to pay for my present. Heeee…. but I still love the big kiss & hug from my little monster & egg tart that he insist buying himself with a pink sticker on it!Thanks thanks thanks for the sweet & lovely day! My wish… good health to all my love ones & friends!Cheers! :PFeliciaThanks daddy for the lovely pics! 🙂

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