My last 36 hours in Shanghai

9:00pm: Farewell Dinner with Cousin Yei and Summer!

10:45pm: A surprise farewell gift from “Ah Ye” -our food deliveryman!

9:45am (Sun): Farewell breakfast at Starbuck with Lisa!

11:00am: Uncanny! The place where I had my welcome lunch (back in May 2006) is also coincidently my last farewell lunch (at Future Perfect with Hong Ai and Soseki)

6:00pm: Our Golden Chinese Couple and their 2nd baby – Violet!

9:00pm: Our last farewell dinner with Francis, dad, mum and in laws

10:00pm: Felicia’s first fireworks in China! (Same for Elkan!)
10:30pm: Get ready…at the side of the road…
Finale!: 15-min fireworks! (till Security guard came…)

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