Running a new race in Hong Kong

Finally, after more than 12 months of planning, my new journey begins in Hong Kong today! (Siam ah! The Singapore torch-bearer is here!)

This should be my 30th odd trip to Hong Kong – but this is certainly my 1st trip here with so many luggages – a total of 11! (and 37 more boxes coming in 2 weeks’ time). Immediately I touched down in Hong Kong, I made my way to my company to get my neccessities (HK SimCard etc). Later the day, I met up with the agent to settle my new house. Urghh…. I couldn’t move in until 3rd July (cos’ the stupid landlord need the cheque to be cleared before giving me the keys – how rigid and cold-blooded!) At least, the mainland Chinese are flexible in such arrangement. Over here, it is very black and white.

Just discover one thing – language. It is more difficult for me to survive in Hong Kong than Shanghai. Cos’ the old folks here dun speak English or Chinese. They only understand Cantonese. If I speak "English", they think I am trying to westernise myself to be like "ABC" or "Ah Mao wannebe". If I speak "Chinese", they think I am a disgusting filthy rich mainlander. So one word – Siow liao! (Even my company receptionist said I dun look like Chinese, Singaporean or Malaysian – she thinks I sounded more like I am from Taiwan!) And when I tried to "singaporise" myself with "singlish" – she snapped "Dun speak English like this – with the lors and lahs, very degrading and unprofessional! It sounded bad!"

Opps. Bad attempt.


Today (1st July) is a public holiday in Hong Kong – it is the day to celebrate the return of Hong Kong to China. In all true spirit, both Tracy and myself made our return trip to Shenzhen (okay, crappy metaphor). We aren’t really "returning" to China – but technically, you can say yes too cos’ we just came out of Shanghai yesterday. Anyway, to cut the story short, we need to go out of Hong Kong and then back into Hong Kong to "activate" our work permit. All we need is a sticker and a chop at the inbound HK customs. So, the fastest and easiest way would be a short 2-hour trip to Shenzhen. (mmm.. I wish it can be Macau too. Got cha-bor with me, hard lah)
Here are some nice photos of "me" as "resident" in Hong Kong. Sigh, I am no longer a "tourist" anymore – no more luxury hotel stay or entering via "Foreigner Counter". My passport says "imported worker" – so I guess I must live life like the locals. (See, I am cutting down my cab trips and taking MTR! – with the Octopus Card!)


Thanks for all the nice sms messages, greetings and calls! Many of you (Richard, Cousin Yei, Yixi, Duuk etc) have called and asked about my 1st day – really, I am so grateful and happy to have you guys around! 

Oh yes…Lucky me bastard, I am already expecting my 1st visitor in Hong Kong tomorrow! (that is pretty fast!) Show you guys more later this week!

2 Responses to Running a new race in Hong Kong

  1. Big says:

    Dude! That is call "juxtaposition"! Not photoshop. Good that it caught your attention. (Tracy is the lousy photographer who took this photo)

  2. Calvin says:

    What an unprofessional torch-bearer! Did not you even hold the handle tightly enough??
    Man, you should not cheat with such an unprofessional or looked fake photo.
    Correct me or not..

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