My 1st Week and my 1st Visitor

I can’t imagine how fast time flew. I am already in my 2nd week in Hong Kong.
It has been an awful hectic start. Work is horrendously demanding (from 9am to 9pm) and I had a couple of rough dealings with my “unscrupulous and scheming” property agent. If I were to take this negative reference and stereotype all HK people, I have only one word to describe them – “rigid”. Thankfully, I have made many nice HK friends over my last 2 years to change my perception.
One good and valuable lesson learnt – HK agents are tough and rigid negotiators – they are sharp, ruthless and useless. “Snob dealers”, I would call them. Our old way of bargaining tactics are useless over here in HK. I hate negotiating with these “air-heads” cos’ they are inflexible and narrow-minded. In short, I underestimated my wits and had my worst business defeat here. (At least, in China, deals are made out of “relationship” and “best interests”. Deals are very conditional and one-sided here.) After dealing with 4 different agents, I concluded and Elkan forbids – “F*** my useless agent”. Period.
On a positive side, HK is beautiful and dynamic. The hills, the sea and the skyscrapers. We got a nice apartment (away from the city) at the eastern side of the island. It is quiet, peaceful and beautiful. We have a great sea-view, overlooking Kowloon. Every night, Elkan and I will sit by our bedroom window, watching and counting the passing “floating lights” (ships of all sizes and types).


Last Wednesday, I received my 1st visitor in HK ~ Joanne! She arrived just in time to “cut ribbon” at my new home. (Coincidently, that was also the first day when we moved into our new apartment.) Everything was in a mess, there was nothing at home – no shampoo, drinks etc. We were basically living out of our suitcase.
Work stole most of my time away from her. Poor Joanne, she had to loiter around HK all by herself. I certainly wish she can stay a little longer (like her last Shanghai stay). At least, I can show her around – perhaps planning a short trip to Macau or Shenzhen. Still, her stay is controversially memorable. I won’t disclose much online but I am just happy to have her here with me. Just exactly 30 days ago, Duuk and Juliana were there in Shanghai to help me pack…and Joanne came to HK …er…to help me unpack? Mmm… wonder if there is another group who can just pop by to clean up my small house.


I am now typing this blog offline on my computer and will upload this tomorrow morning at my famous (as Joanne coined it) “SRC-like clubhouse”. Please bear with me, I have no internet at home at this moment. (PCCW needs 16 days to activate my broadband – talk about efficiency!). Right now, I am in this "computer corner" – with a bunch of little Jap monster kids – who is right now abusing the iMac with their violent nature. (Feel like plucking his head off!)
Life is certainly different over here in HK…A big difference I would say – No dirt-cheap DVD (we are renting DVD now at HK16/title – double the price of a priated disc in China). No daily taxi ride to work (would cost me SGD14/trip). No cheap good restaurant food. And no cheap premium massage/spa. No Carrefour.
Sure, there are many more new things in place. A lot of rain, wind, flood and thunderstorms. A lot of 7-Elevens and MacDonalds. A lot of stairs and slopes to walk. A lot of Filipinos (it is amazing to see them every Sunday). A lot of “packed sardine-can MTR rides”. Lots of drippling aircon water. Late night dessert stores. And a lot of men and women in black suits.
Perhaps the only common thing that stays constantly unchanged between Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai is – Time. (And yes, that dreadful green shop – Starbucks – it is everywhere).

One Response to My 1st Week and my 1st Visitor

  1. Joanne says:

    I miss Elkan. The way he looks into my eyes with his soft and gentle smile when we were holding hands walking down the busy street in Hongkong. Oh man.. so sincere and genuine. Just wish I have more time for him.

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