Birthday Lunch

I am losing memory these days. (I am not getting enough oxygen in my head – with those late nights and OTs).  Just last week, I knew Clare’s birthday was just around the corner and asked her about her birthday. She gave me the answer I wanted – yet 3 days ago, I completely forgot her actual birthday. Feeling really guilty, I decided to treat her at one of the best Shanghai restaurants. (That was where Dendy and Shin brought us the last time – "Fu 188")

Clare is always a considerate and caring friend. Knowing I was always being "taken advantage" of by the locals, she was very cautious about the ordering of dishes. She even came downstairs to ensure that I won’t be conned by my "so-called" chef friend. Her first question was "Are you a local?" and then "Good, please serve us good authentic Shanghai dishes."

The verdict? Except for the exorbitant high price, both my local friends love the food (trust their taste, cos they are my 2 harshest critics – Calvin Mao and Clare Mao). Too bad for Steven (who got to rush off for a meeting) and Tracy (who can only eat 2 dishes – out of 10 we ordered). And Rebecca? As usual – she disappeared in some twilight zone.

As the team is counting down to our M-Day (Shanghai-HK migration day), we are now left with only 5 members of the original GTR clan. Steven and Rebecca couldn’t join us today. Daisy and Lisa both sent separate MSN notes – reminding me to organise a big farewell meal for everyone.

Guess I will be planning the gathering lunch some time mid June – wonder if it is a good idea to combine farewell and birthday together. And this time, I will let Clare pick the venue.

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