A Misty Goodbye


Don’t get me wrong. There is no tears this time. Just that the mist came back to Hong Kong early yesterday morning. My family came and left in a flash. And the minute they left, we went to the arrival hall to welcome Scott. Life in Hong Kong has been as surreal as a dream. Only beautiful and eventful.

I truly enjoyed the surprise guests and I will never be able to erase that memory of my mum sitting (or hiding) at the foot of my office block. My folks have been very very thoughtful. Every time we mentioned about meals, all 3 of them insisted that we go somewhere cheap. (Guess that I am "branded" as a host who spent a lot on awful food??) Meeting these 3 folks was a challenge… cos’ from time to time, they will be telling us to go home(using Elkan as the excuse!!) Of course, we know their good intentions inside. It is just that their acting sucks. And we know they do enjoy shopping, shopping and shopping.

My old ladies are not an easy bunch of lovies to handle. Amazingly, I have been nagged by them since 3 till now! And the naggy hit a new height when you have a combo of Auntie Amy, Zhu, Yi-poh and my own mum! I am smarter this time. I tried to keep under the radar and get Felicia to distract them. Haaaa…aa… Guess what? And when they aren’t nagging at me… they nagged amongst their own sister! Haaaa… now that is truly family entertainment ~ live! (Leon, you are evil, you should come to HK this week instead of last week!)

Really hate them for planning such a short trip. I could have cleared my awfully "a-lot-extra" annual leaves to accompany them. On the other hand, they did got a very very value-for-money package! It is a cheap and great package to fly to Hong Kong. And yes, Amy said this is her 5th and possible the last trip! I strongly differ that – cos’ there are a lot more nicer places here that you haven’t explored! Come back again.. this time, I have my ear-plugs and Leon. Haaaa.. Just kidding. You know how much we love you folks!

Yes. We are happy to have you folks here. Do stay longer the next time.

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