Bread & Love

(Photo Taken: Times Sqaure, Hong Kong)

The lady selling cookies for her marriage reminds me of a friend who once told me "Find your bread first and love will come." Love is fated while bread is a choice we make. While many find difficulties understanding fate, they do long for the choice they make in love. Of course, many found their love in their course for making bread. And some faithfully believe in that one unique love they shared, regardless what bread they eat today or tomorrow. I say, if a pure, true love is something that is hard to come by, why ponder any longer.

You see, life in itself is a very big gift. A gift that contains many little gifts. While you can search for that one perfect gift inside this box, we know we will never find one. Cos’ we change with time too. Expectation may end up in disappointment. Contentment breeds happiness. Passion drives reality.

Yes, the best lesson of life is taught through love and many heartbreaks. And at times when you think you are lost, you will be surprised that there is always someone at the corner for you. And for that one moment, forget those destinations you had in your head. Let your heart be your best compass. All you need is just one good journey.

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