House Hunting

Exactly 7 days ago, Felicia, Elkan, Tracy and myself flew to Hong Kong. Tracy and I were there to setup a corporate event. Felicia and Elkan went around to look for our new house. Believe it or not, we "browsed"through over 30 apartments and only managed to find 1 that suits our budget and "taste". In fact, we based our decision on Elkan’s preference. (Near his school, must have a club-house for him etc)

This exercise was an eye-opener for all of us. Hong Kong is infamous for small and tiny apartment. Seeing is believing – it is really that unbelievable
tiny! Really, to me, it was worst than small. It is like staying in a
service-apartment. I just cannot swallow paying SGD5,000 for a flat of
750sqm. Sigh, that is why we haven’t make any decision yet.

Reality sucks. Guess I can save a lot on my "relocation" fee – cos’ there is hardly anything I can move and put in our new house. 😦

2 Responses to House Hunting

  1. Big says:

    Chups…that is so true. Mmm…how about investing in my "time-shares" – I can get a bigger unit you know. 😛

  2. suckiechups says:

    your new place looks so tiny now 😡 & $$$me and mummy cant fit in there if we go visiting..

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