4th Year, 4th Home

This is my 4th year as an expat and we just moved into our 4th home in Hong Kong. It seems that I am moving into a new house every year! Trust me, it is a very painful and tiring process. I bet we will be moving house again next year!

The numbers of my belongings are even more interesting. Back in 2006, I moved to Shanghai with only 4 boxes of DHL Jumbo Box.  In 2007, I moved to my 2nd home in Shanghai – with about 12 boxes. One year later in 2008 June, I was transferred to Hong Kong. By then, I have about 45 boxes of junk! And last week, we moved into our 4th new house – it was about 60 boxes!

Today, we decided to spend our first night at the new house. Hong Fei, Zeph and Harshad popped by for a mini house-warming visit! For the first time, Elkan has his own bedroom – more like his toyroom! Tracy has a beautiful bedroom, overlooking Kowloon. And for Felicia and me, it will be a night of relief. Finally, we need not to worry about Elkan’s sleeping Kongfu kicks.

What a great & perfect timing to move into a bigger house – This month, we will have at least 5 visitors from Singapore! (My mum-in-law, Cousin Bin and family, my sister Jovel and Family PLUS Felicia’s ex-boss, Ida, Kenneth! And Jimmy!)

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