Sam’s Surprise Visit!

My 59th Visitor – Sam is also our 1st visitor to our new home! (Coincidentally, Joanne came the same night when we first moved into our previously home last year!) It seems that there is always a "wahbiang blessing" whenever I move into a new home!

We were super happy and delighted to see Sam – especially Felicia and Tracy! I kept them in the dark until 10:30pm (last Thursday night). I actually lied to them about meeting Hong Fei (an ex-colleague of mine). Sam arrived at the foot of my estate – he was sitting at the bus interchange. It was so unreal to have him around! Haaa… our last meeting / farewell was at the infamous Orchard Towers.

It is always a pleasure to have Sam in our lives. Later that night, we chat about some new "realities and options" about our lives and career – and I couldn’t agreed more.  Sadly, we could not have more time with Sam as he flew out on Friday night. (I actually offered him my new home but he asked me "if there is any ghost in my house". Okay, what a way to reject a friend!)

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