A White Sunday Morning

I was in my good old lazy sleep when Felicia shook me up from my bed. “Come out to the balcony, look at the roofs outside!”

It was a pleasant sight. The roofs out there were all white. The cars in the parking lots were all white. The grass, roads, playgrounds and pavements were all white. I quickly ran back into the bedroom and dragged “frustrated” Elkan out of his sleep. Sure, he was like me – pulling the blackest face. I yelled “Elkan, let’s go down and play snow!” It was only 730am.

In no time, the three of us geared up and dashed downstairs. I nearly slipped off the pavements as it is coated with a very thin layer of ice. Everything was coated with snow. I bet what Joanne and Tracy are thinking right now – “Ai yah, miss that!”

Elkan was having fun stepping on the icy ground. Felicia was shivering. And me, clicking the photos away! I had such a wonderful week –  at least I managed to see snow in Shanghai before I fly back to Singapore. While the snow wasn’t thick enough for a game of snowball, it was just an elevator ride away. White enough to fulfill my little humble wish.

2 Responses to A White Sunday Morning

  1. kim says:

    Ya, i missed the snow too!  but then again I don’t think I could have survived in that temperature.  Brr……rr……

  2. zilei says:

    Cool Picture. Love snow a lot. Get jealous of all u guys. Hehehe. Happy Chinese new year la. ^-^

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