Belated Birthday Gift for Gareth!

I was sourcing around for models for my “body-paint-art event” in HK. One of my buddy suppliers came back with these “models” (her name is Yuki). Haaaa… mmm, maybe the boys in Singapore would like to share this for Gareth’s belated birthday gift. Yes, they are the new wonder in Japan. Man, Jap girls are nice enough, wonder why the Japanese men still go for such toys?

I know some of my female readers are going to be unhappy with this post. Hey girls, dun just disregard these “porny-dolls” as some dirty sick toys- look at them as great works of art.

These dolls come with “internal bones structure” that allows you to bend their bodies into many poses. Most important, you can “pick-&-mix” their body parts- meaning, if you like the body and not the face, you can swap them anytime. Sounds like a real bargain! And according to the website, “pubic hairs” are optional. All these for only SGD10K -12K.

Before any one start buying one, please consider this problem – where do you want to dump these when you had enough of them? Do you chop them apart and start dumping their body parts at Kallang River or Orchard Road? Mmm…better not start another island-wide craze.

Sorry, not for me…cos’ I watched too many “Child Play” movies – and I am too lazy to shower and wax them.

For more information: please goto:

Muah Chee!

(Photo Taken: At a Muah-Chee Shop – "Muah Chee they may look. Ang Gu Kway they taste.")

Our May Day Outing

Yes, yes, yes…you guys saw the "water hamster-capsule" that freaked Elkan out last week. So, this May Day, we brought Elkan to "Zhongshan Gardens" to try the "land hamster-capsule". Hate to say this, it IS the same OUTCOME.

Before we put Elkan inside this air-vessel, he was very excited and persuaded me to buy the tickets. When I bought the ticket, Elkan said "Daddy, you go inside, I roll you outside." I wished I could too. My fat ass was too big for the hole and I struggled a little while just to get my fat body inside. Once inside, the operator walked over to us and hinted in a nice way that this capsule is for kids (of course, I know that cos I can’t feel that "bouncing on air" feeling – I was sitting flat on the ground!). Anyway, there is no way we can get Elkan inside. And I have to tease him with toys and candies – eventually, Elkan went in, tried 5-seconds and started wailing. What a shame.


Later that evening, we met "Team EFG" (Echo, Francis and Grey) for dinner. After dinner, we decided to let our 2 kids run wild in the indoor playground. Francis and I went in to accompany our boys. Grey is certainly a big bully and he got into a small fight with a local girl. He punched her face and she was yelling at him. When she turned her head away to complain to her mother, Grey punched her at the back of her head. Ouch! Her mother came and dragged her away. Elkan sensed the commotion and was standing far away, trying to get himself away from "trouble". (Anyway, Grey had punched Elkan on the face many many times – and Elkan never fight back once. Talk about being…ahemm.. Gentleman.)


The boys had almost 40 minutes of fun. Francis and I were sweating in our pants, trying to chase after them. For father and sons, it was a great 40-min bonding time for us. What about the ladies? Well, they certainly dun look as excited as us.  (See Below)

A Beautiful Sunday

The weather is getting so good lately. Blue sky, cool weather between 17-22 (not the bittering cold) and a good sun. It is the best time to be in Shanghai!

Today, we had a wonderful time at Fuxing Park. We have been wanted to do this since our last park-outing with Kalinda last Oct.


We ran all day in the park (imagine that "born free" feeling…with hands wide spread and you just run and run…) ~ Er…actually, we only ran like 40 minutes. Me no steam…old liao. Elkan lasted longer than his old useless dad. In honest descriptions, we had one exciting sports day. We had a game of football, 10-minute terrifying "water-hamster running capsule" and horrendous "need-for-bangbang" driving. (See photos!)

The "water-hamster running capsule" is interesting. I have never seen one before. I saw the "landed-version but this is the 1st time I saw it on water. We should import this to Singapore parks (Ding! Another business idea!) I labelled it "terrifying" – because Elkan freaked out (screamed, cried in mentally disorder manner) just seconds right after the above photo shot. He was too slow than Tracy and he did a 360 flip inside the capsule. His scream and cries were so loud that everyone on the bank paused and stared at us. 


Toilet Creative Copy

Instead of bluntly telling us dickheads "Please aim accurately" or "Control your member" or "Watch your pee-spray" or "Please hover your penis inside the urinal"  – we have more civilised messages here.

A New Member


I have been naughty (again) this weekend. Just flew back from HK and I have already engrossed myself in some sinful spending. My 3-year VIAO is dying on me (due to 24/7 of endless over-heating downloading). Last night, I cannot endure the slow and painful uploading of blog and photos (trust me, it is slow – I have to wait like 2min for my explorer to open!). I went to the IT Mall and bought a new HP Desktop – my 1st desktop since 2002.

It was a mental struggle choosing between a iMAC and HP. And it got worse when I tried to setup the computer last night. After opening up the box, I had this evil thought of returning it back to HP. It is true – Once you have Mac, you can never turn back. There are just too many wires, instructions, parts to get a desktop running. I stared at the open box… with the intention to seal it back. I called for a vote (including Elkan, Felicia and Tracy). In the end, all of them (except Elkan who said "I dun know") voted for the HP – simply because they both detest the reality that we need to carry back the 10kg box back to the shop.

What’s comforting is the 256mb graphic board, 320G hard-disk and all the wireless devices. There are existing card reader on the tower. And best of all, I had a 22-inch 90-degree adjustable screen (wide or tall). It is really a compact mini tower with "LightScribe" DVD-rom. I can "print" texts and graphics on the DVD surface – I wondered if this is an old technology. It impressed all 3 of us (laptop users). And most of all, it is affordable at less than S$1,500 – so it kinda make me less "guilty" of my disgusting spending habit. Sigh…still this morning, my heart told me to go for the iMAC. 

Of course, there are setbacks – This PC is bought in China and it comes bundled with Chinese OS – meaning, it is all in Chinese! Not just it is Chinese, it is running on the new VISTA – that I have no idea how they place my old icons. Exploring Chinese Vista can be fun – cos I wonder why Microsoft calls "My Computer" as "计算机" or Recycle Bin as "回收站". I have to take 200% more time, more effort to figure out. And yes, VISTA – you just waste too much resources trying to mimic "you-know-who".

Having nagged all these, it was still a good decision. HP monitor is brilliant, sharp and rich. And I can finally write my blog smoothly without the hangs and pre-mature shutdowns on my dying VAIO. 

Just hope my new home has space for this new big member.

p.s. (Yeah! I can play my Civilisation IV game finally!)

Room-mate Needed

(Bulletin Board at "Sakura" at Xin Le Road) – Yes, I like the feeling of being "guided and smiling all the way" to special spots. And Shin pointed out to me that I can be that "professional man" roommate.

Mini Curtin Gathering

This must be some sort of "Curtin Friends Visiting Week". By sheer coincidence, Serene and Shin (+ Dendy) "invaded" our little Shanghai home this week. It was such a great pity that Serene left Shanghai on Thursday and Shin turned up on Sat. I can imagine Felicia and Shin sighing "if only Serene can extend just 1 more day"… (Phew, good news for me! Cos’ I cannot "tahan" both of these spice girls together. It is wise not to "engage" two of them without Limbo). Man, these girls have teeth like Simon Cowell.

We had a different type of "fun" with Shin and Dendy. It is call "feasting". Check out these delicious food! Yummy! (Man, it is difficult to lose weight with such temptation! I suggested to bring Den out for some night sport sexercise to lose those grease – surprisingly with Shin’s 100% blessing.) Lucky for my tummy, I flew out of Shanghai this morning to "avoid" these sinful temptation.

Shin and Den love and spoilt Elkan so much. They have so much patience for this little rascal. They let Elkan terrorized their precious camera and handphones. Felicia and I sure welcome their kindness… and in return for their kindness…we will allow Shin to "rent" Elkan for an unlimited period of time. Sister May and Sally (thanks for reading my blog), you guys got to hint hint your unique vegan friend about…wedding bells…and possibly…a little Denshin, huh? Yes..we felt she is ready. 🙂

Speaking about "unique vegan"…maybe Tracy should pick a thing or two from Shin. Shin’s classic rule is as long you dun eat the chicken meat, you can drink chicken soup = no meat = vegan. Nice…. 🙂 Heeee…

Okay, time to do my crunches now.

The Mist

A thick mist suddenly appeared tonight, fogging the entire city within minutes. Rapidly, visibility dropped from 100m to less than 5m. It was a scary and mysterious sight. I took my camera and dashed out of my house ( 2am) and walked into the mist. Braving the thick mist at 13 degrees, I have difficulty walking in my estate. What freaked me just now was a lady who walked in heels. (What the hell she was doing at 2am???) Anyway, I heard her steps but I couldn’t see her… not until we both gave each other a shock. I must have given her a bigger shock…cos’ I was shooting my building, placing my camera on the floor. By the time she saw me, I was like only half a meter away from her path. She must be shocked to see a “fat ass” squatting on the floor with a camera at 2am!

My 54th Visitor – Serene Chia!

We welcome our 54th Visitor this morning at 7am! Serene Chai is finally here with us!
More to come – next, Mdm Shin is popping by this coming Friday 11th April!

May: Felicia, John, Ow Yong, Monica & Julian
June: Charlie, Jamie
July: Scott, Desmond, Yogi
August: Meiling, Bettina
Nov: Tracy, Ken, Jinwei, Hong Ai
Dec: Sam, Lusia (and 5 other family members)

Jan: Felicia & Elkan
Feb: Serene (Jimmy’s wife)
Mar: Joanne
April: Mum, Dad, Leon, Auntie Amy and Uncle Benny
May: Kelvin, Diane
June: Juliana, Felicia & Elkan
July: Scott, Desmond, Yogi
August: Shawn
Sept: Tracy
Oct: Kalinda, Felicia & Elkan, Cousin Alvin
Nov: Hovman
Coming in Dec: Auntie Amy, Cousin Chester, Joanne’s cousin

Feb: Adrian (my long-distant cousin)
Mar: Leon
Apr: Serene Chia, Shin

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