Belated Birthday Gift for Gareth!

I was sourcing around for models for my “body-paint-art event” in HK. One of my buddy suppliers came back with these “models” (her name is Yuki). Haaaa… mmm, maybe the boys in Singapore would like to share this for Gareth’s belated birthday gift. Yes, they are the new wonder in Japan. Man, Jap girls are nice enough, wonder why the Japanese men still go for such toys?

I know some of my female readers are going to be unhappy with this post. Hey girls, dun just disregard these “porny-dolls” as some dirty sick toys- look at them as great works of art.

These dolls come with “internal bones structure” that allows you to bend their bodies into many poses. Most important, you can “pick-&-mix” their body parts- meaning, if you like the body and not the face, you can swap them anytime. Sounds like a real bargain! And according to the website, “pubic hairs” are optional. All these for only SGD10K -12K.

Before any one start buying one, please consider this problem – where do you want to dump these when you had enough of them? Do you chop them apart and start dumping their body parts at Kallang River or Orchard Road? Mmm…better not start another island-wide craze.

Sorry, not for me…cos’ I watched too many “Child Play” movies – and I am too lazy to shower and wax them.

For more information: please goto:

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