Help…Someone broke into our house!

There was a loud bang and Tracy screamed in the next room. Instinctively, I jolted out of my sleep instantly! “What’s going on?” I shouted across the hall.

“Joe! Someone is trying to break into our house!” Tracy yelled back. I sat on my bed and listened. There wasn’t anyone in the apartment. Tracy insisted I take a look at the door.

I grabbed my phone and prepared to call the police. As I walked towards the door, it was extremely silent. I looked at the clock. Damn, it was Sunday 8am! Tracy was leaving the house for her driving-refresher lesson when she claimed some one opened and banged our door. If this was some stupid joke of hers, I will surely torch her a**!

Fully prepared for a swift counter-attack, I swang the door wide open and saw my 2 darlings standing outside!

“Good morning and surprise!” Felicia and Elkan laughed. What a shocking surprise! I didn’t expect to see them in Hong Kong until September! In fact, I just saw them a week ago in Singapore. I was actually expecting my mother and auntie (who are flying in this week too!).

It was a very last-minute decision. Felicia and Elkan flew in to process some immigration documents. Felicia bought the air tickets at 11pm the night before and took the 2am-flight to Hong Kong. It was a very short 2-day trip as Elkan needed to fly back for school.

With no time to lose, Elkan wanted to play with his buddy, Harshad. He dragged the whole family to Wanchai to hunt for the new PS4 game, Unchartered 4. The duo spent 2 very productive days at home, completing 80% of the game. While the 2 boys were playing at home, Felicia, Tracy, Chowpo and I spent good time with another impromptu Singapore visitor, Ms Soo, at the local eatery.

This morning, we sent Felicia and Elkan to the Airport Express. It felt so unreal! They came with a bang and suddenly they left with a void of silence. It was such a short but a sweet reunion. In fact, I don’t mind having them flying in every weekend! After all, it is just only a 3-hour ride away!

What a great blog entry after a 7-week dry spell! Counting down to our next adventure!

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