Auntie Rain Goddess is back!

When things keep occurring in the same pattern, you have to believe it is real. Wherever Auntie Amy is, cats and dogs follow. It happened only when we travelled with her on leisure trips. We had some of the most incredible rainy vacations in Taiwan, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Macau, Bintan and now Hong Kong! It is not even typhoon season yet and the last time Hong Kong hoisted a typhoon signal 3 in May was back in 2006! And guess what, the sun came out the minute Auntie Amy flew out today! Fantastic, I have a mutant aunt!

3 days before the arrival of the Wong Sisters, my cousin Leon sent his “deepest condolences” to me. I was chatting and laughing with him about the old ladies. I was fully prepared for the long wet weekend (the endless rain and nagging). Honestly, it isn’t that bad at all. After many years of intense training, I have mastered the skill of noise-cancellation pretty well. In fact, my ears function much more effective than the Bose headsets.

Since the passing of granny 5 years ago, this is the first oversea trip for the Wong Sisters. I was indeed blessed to host them in Hong Kong. I haven’t seen my 2nd and 4th Aunties since my granny’s wake. I had such a great time with the 4 wise dames. They were really kind and nice. Every few hundred metres, they would ask me if I was tired or bored. I was very puzzled why they were so worried about me. I mean, how can I be tired when they were walking at 1km/hour? Perhaps they were dropping hints to get rid of me.

We had 4 great days of fun! In true Hong Kong style, we celebrated Auntie Amy’s <undis6lo5ed> birthday in a private suite with mahjong table and karaoke. Despite my kindness, she only summoned Typhoon 3 the next day!  Come on, I was expecting Typhoon 8 so I can save 1 day of annual leave! Urghhh…

Beside playing Storm/Rain Goddess, Auntie Amy is the key sponsor and organiser for this very rare family reunion. Family means everything to us. This morning, when we were at the check-in counter at IFC, we thought of my late-granny. It was the same spot when I last saw my granny 6 years ago. Family trip like this is priceless. No matter how far these sisters stay apart, I can feel their sisterly love for one another. If only their brothers (my uncles) can join them the next time. Always make time for your loved ones.

I love the old dames. Their endless chatters and conversations intrigued me. No matter how old I am, I am always regarded like a little boy in front of them. By the end of their 4D-5N trip, I was their tour-guide, photographer, waiter and bell-boy. And yes, their favourite and most-doted nephew.

Always happy to host you ladies again – anytime, rain or shine. Just remember to bring the durians the next time you come by.

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