Instant addiction ~ Polaroid!

It has been a week since I started my new obsession with my newly acquired vintage Polaroid cameras. My new hobby is highly poisonous and infectious! I have already indirectly infected a couple of my friends over the short 5 days. Worst of all, the addiction keeps growing deeper and deeper.

I love the touch and feel of these old cameras and films. The chemicals made the colours of the photographs so unique and rich. I enjoy the endless experimentation of the shutter, aperture and flash. I love watching the slow-processing photograph because the outcome was always so different and unexpectedly surprising.

3 days ago, my addiction in Polaroid drove me to acquire another new toy – The Impossible Instant Lab. Funded entirely by Kick-starter a year ago, the Impossible Instant Lab is a simple instant-photo printer that allows you to transfer any digital photographs onto the Polaroid films. All you need is just an iPhone 4/5. The device comes with an iPhone 4/5 tray that acts like an photo projection. All it takes it just an iOS app and 3 simple steps to print the photographs. For those who find it difficult to achieve photo-perfect on the SX70 camera will enjoy this. Every digital projection casts out a rich and vivid Polaroid photograph.

It is so addictive! I spent 3 hours on Sunday afternoon to print out all my favourite travel photographs. The result? A wall full of Polaroid Precious Moments.

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