Wahbiang’s “Gathering of the Year”

Today – We had one of the largest Wahbiang gatherings ever! A total of  33.5 pax (14.5 kids and 19 adults)! We were just short of Joanne (away in Batam) and Tracy (away in Cebu) to complete this gathering! Why 14.5 kids? Well, we just found out that Jimmy and Serene are expecting their 2nd child! Congrats to both of them! Just like what Karen said on WeChat, this may be Wahbiang’s “Photo of the Year”! (We should switch off the TV – the kids were all looking at the screen instead of the camera. Hahahah…)

Thanks to Duuk and Juliana who played such great host to our growing clan, we had such an enjoyable time together! Food (steamboat and the side dishes) was excellent! The Lo-Hei tossing moment was unforgettable! Zach and Juliana were sprinkled with good fortune sesame seeds! This was also a very special CNY gathering, we celebrated MC and Yifu’s birthday. Meijie and Joey received their last pre-wedding hongbaos. For one very rare occasion  the children didn’t give the adults any headache. Unlike the last Eunos gathering, the kids drove the parents crazy! This time, the kids played in an orderly manner – all thanks to mountains of toys at our host’s house. What a huge difference it made!

From the post-gathering messages on Wechat, everyone enjoyed themselves. Hopefully, we didn’t trash up our host’s home too badly. Now, the clan is looking forward to Meijie and Joey‘s wedding on 17th March! Surely, this will be the last Wahbiang Golden Bachelor’s matrimony of our generation. Time to plan a big B-Party for both Joey and Meijie!

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