Ghostly Night Out with Jaslyn

It is ghost-hunting season. Tracy and I had a date with Jaslyn (the official 141st HK Visitor) 3 months ago to see ghosts. We intended to bring Jaslyn to the most popular haunted hill in Hong Kong – OceanPark. However, Tracy stood us up chicken out at the very last minute and Harshad stood in for her.

The legendary OceanPark was quite a let-down. It looked low-budget, unexciting and very boring.There was hardly any Halloween atmosphere at all. Gone were the thick misty paths, ghostly sounds, scary characters and haunted light effects. The park used to be dim and errie at this time of the year. It was so bright and “clean” – there was nothing to keep the visitors frightened. It felt like walking along Queen’s Road Central at midnight. For the very least, the park owners should create more eerie effects for visitors in the queue. (The background music outside the haunted houses was that annoying Gangnam Style track! How scary can that be???) There was no suspense and zero fear factor. I noticed there were lesser “wandering ghosts” terrorising the visitors this season. The ghosts didn’t feel scary – they looked more like comic characters. Jaslyn thought we brought her to some cosplay theme-park.

Nevertheless, I had 2 very great ghost-hunters tonight. We explored 2 haunted houses and that was enough to freak the hell out of Jaslyn. We also took a lot of photos with “Tracy-possessed characters”.  The climax of the night wasn’t any Halloween-related features. It was PSY-Double (topless with a pair of man’s boobs) plus a couple of hot sexy Korean girl/box bands wannabes who saved the day. Something is certainly very wrong at OceanPark. What a ghostless and soulless night. I guess it is time to vacant the park and haunt hunt elsewhere next year.

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