5 minutes before my vacation…

5 minutes before I took off for my 10-day vacation at Down-Under, I received 2 surprises. First – my client called me and wanted an urgent last minute con-call. Second, my staffs (Kelly, Valerie, Stephanie, Kurt and Tracy) tried to stop me from using the conference room to do the con-call. I forced my way into the conference room and saw a cake and a bloody big greetings on the wall “Joe Chua! Happy Birthday”. I was shocked, confused and very happy! A very sweet surprise from my team! (For a second, I thought the con-call was a trick to get me into the room – sigh – nope, I have to delay the cake-cutting and took the call first.) A big thank you to all of you who prepared all these for me! Honestly, I was trying to escape another “counting-down to old age” ceremony – guess I couldn’t escape when there are so many iron-ladies in the office.

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