It’s Time for Election

I have been very disturbed lately. Election is coming but this time, it is different.

Thanks to presence of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we are now seeing and reading more election information. But due to the diversity of media, I am getting fragmented information about the future of my country. Election information is sensational confusing, messy and unclear.

You see much footage of candidates going to the market, HDB homes shaking hands. You see new young faces. You have many camps of people citing change. You heard talks in coffee shops (and now on MSN, Facebook, Forums) how we should have an opposition voice in the parliaments. Yes, we do have opposition voices in the parliaments since 1980s. But can someone point to me a summary of “significant improvements / changes” that these oppositions had achieved in the last 2 decades?

Before we decide to put our faith (or bet) on either party, can someone show me the results of PAP and oppositions for the past 5 years? What were those promises made back then? Have we got all the ticks or crosses in the box? (Perhaps, we can get Steve Jobs to teach our candidates how to do a simple Keynote to summaries their past achievements). People need facts to make a decision. Not debates and digging up old woes. This is not a renewal of unfulfilled promises and fresh pretty faces.

Somehow, I feel it is a lousy predictable boring show. Same plot every election.

Opposition is quick to point out how badly PAP has done and how they can fix it. PAP reminds us how fragile our future will be and we need to stick by them cos’ they are the best ones with the talents and know-how to bring us to those “wonderful times”. Then, you have court cases and ugly scandals surfacing. 2-3 months after the Election, life goes back to normal. We still go back to our coffee shops to grumble about the increasing cost, hardship and limited job prospects in our country.

Maybe we should turn the rallies like a season of American Idol. Every week, we have candidates presenting their vision, their plans. Each week, we get Singaporeans to vote out the “blah-blah”, the “emotional” ones.

When I do a tender, I can cast vote to the winning vendor as I know what exactly I am getting from the vendor. There is a clear and simple list of deliverable. I can do my comparison and interview the people who will be working for the project. At the end of the project, I can even measure the success and reward my vendor. If the vendor fail, I can even fire them or even ask them for compensation. How we get to measure our government’s success. Can we ask the MPs to refund their pay to us if they have failed us?

At least, when I work for a company – the company gives me a clear list of benefits I get to enjoy. I can see what’s coming and what’s ahead. I can easily type you a page of benefits and perks. Being a Singaporean, I find it difficult to type a “standard page of basic perks and benefits” for my countrymen because we change policies and perks every year.  And even if we do have this page of standard basic benefits for being a Singaporean – who in this Election is going to safeguard my interests and extend it longer for my future? They are extending our dads and mums to work beyond 60 – that is fine – but what about giving our old folks free transport and medical after 60?

We live in times of contradictions. The government used our money to build expressway to ease jams during peak hours. Yet they create ERP to collect money from us when we use it. The government is kind to give us money from time to time yet GST has been on the rise since 2000s.

This morning, I tried surfing the PAP and Worker’s Party Websites, the only clear thing I got is a list of their next-generation candidates (names and photo).  To me, this is like a number game – all parties are only interested in securing their territories. Look, this is only a small island. I don’t care what the residents are going to get in Potong Pasir or Marine Parade – all I need is a party with a single mind and plan how they can make change and difference to improve lives for our people. Reminder: We aren’t a big country with many issues. Please do not seduce voters with another “HDB Upgrade” teasers.

You see, I am very proud of my country and her achievements. For this election, I need a leader who walk the talk and someone who can really bring good change and improvements to the country. For the least, deliver what you promise.

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