Goodbye Aly

Saying goodbye to Alice wasn’t easy. After all, she was our first hire and she has been with me thick and thin, through good times and bad. After spending 3 years in our team, Alice left last Thursday.

On her last day, Alice wore this black blousethe same piece that she wore when we first met back in May 2008 (her interview) at Leighton Hotel. I was very very touched. It was a emotional goodbye for both of us. I was very moved by her parting words at the lift. We gave each other 2 tight hugs and exchange farewell tokens. (When she passed me the medal, I melted inside). It was difficult to say goodbye to someone you love and hate. She was the spice and pillar of our team and things won’t be the same without her. Alice played a crucial role in our team in the early days and that allows us to settle down quickly as one. Her contribution was well-known to many. Her spiciness precede her name (and terrorized a couple).

3 weeks ago, I promised to write her a good farewell note. And I wrote her my feelings on the same night. Like I said, this is not goodbye forever. And she left me a void that not many could fill. I am sure we will be happier friends outside the office. Thanks again for everything, my friend.

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