90% Wahbiang!

After waiting for more than 4 years, I finally get to see Yifu and Lilian (our 116th Visitors) in Hong Kong! And what a special day it was – It was Lilian’s birthday and also on the eve before Felicia and Elkan headed home for good. And through God’s blessings, Meijie flew in from Taiwan too! Just want to let you guys know that it is so good to have all of you here with me – especially during my gloomiest day. There is never a better timing.

Now, the Wahbiang Reunion is complete. Felicia asked me to trace back all the Wahbiang visits and posts on my blog. From our 1st visitor Joanne (in June 2008), there were 23 of you in total – evenly spread over 30 months. Imagine all of you came at the same time, that will be a big gathering! Either way, we are very glad that you guys made your way here to visit us.

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