Baby Sitting at Home


Nope…we didn’t adopt any new kids into our household. And Tracy didn’t do a Juno.

Thanks to Tracy – we played "Baby Sitters" this weekend as she brought home 2 young toddlers (15-month and 3-month old)! Felicia and I were kinda worried for her as: 1st, she never had any baby-experience. 2nd, 2 toddlers??? We just wondered how she is going to manage these kids – especially when they were sleeping OVERNIGHT. (Those kids were Tracy’s friends’.)

Guess what? The experience was good… and for that spilt second – I felt like making my Number 2. Elkan handled these toddlers very well – not a slight hint of being jealous -when daddy was hugging and carrying young "Is-a-Bell-lah". These kids were great, very easy to take care. But poor Tracy, she has to sacrifice her Saturday date with her pilot BF and home-arrest with these kids. She was in and out of the kitchen making milk, clearing diapers and tugging the babies to sleep.

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