Dun F-Around With these Singapore Ladies

Clearly, not very proud to show-off these cases but maybe we can show the world some true Singapore Flavour in the ASPEC Summit. These fierce individuals not only swear foul words, they may also kick your balls. Who needs the "Woman’s Chapter" when our iron ladies are so tough and independent! So, the next time you deal unfairly with a Singapore lady, (for balls’ sake) think twice about your consequences. You have been warned.


Since Obama is in town – Let’s get him to do a motivation speech about CHANGING BEHAVIOUR in our Uncanny Way of Life. Clearly, we must CHANGE. First, change the topic of conflict. Make it purposeful, those are so so petty issues. Second, change the way these video were being captured. (Dude, HOLD THE Fu*king camera phone better!) Third, change the venue of the videos – why majority of these conflicts happen on SMRT or in some kind of Transit? Fourth, change the actresses – why are these woman always old, 40s and fat? Menopause? Can we have someone younger! Lastly, change the man-in-action! Where are the macho Singaporean Man, the NS-men when we need them??? These videos are making our men look so so so weak in handling the uncontrollable iron ladies. Instead of shooting the footage, man, get in ACTION. We must CHANGE.

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