Elkan Joe in Action!

This is our 3rd Halloween in Hong Kong. Last year, Mummy Felicia made Elkan a "CHUA-E" suit. (Click Link: Halloween 2008) This year, Elkan got his wish fulfilled! Mummy dressed him up as his favourite movie character – Indiana Jones! Felicia spent 3 weeks sourcing those props – hat, boots, recycle brown bag, toy gun. She even made him a "soft whip"! Elkan was so excited about his whip, he told Felicia: "I will use my whip to round up WenLan (his sweetheart in school) and pull her into my arms!" (Man, how cheeky he is!)

Not sure how many of his classmates would know about "Indiana Jones" – Elkan looks more like a cowboy than a treasure hunter. It wasn’t as exciting as last year – many of the kids came in their home clothes. That is perfectly okay, cos’ in reality, there is only 1 spiderman and 1 superman. We need civilians in distress. Of all, I thought his teacher dressed best. She was one hot catwoman (maybe Elkan can lend her his whip!).

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