Elm Street at Causeway Bay

Halloween is certainly more fun than Christmas and Chinese New Year. At least, it has a lot more characters than all festive combined! In fact, you can come to a Halloween party dressing up as an "Evil Santa" or a sexy "Fortune Goddess". More than just blood, gore and creepy faces, it is a spectacular costume-festival. Too bad, it isn’t a public holiday

This year, Halloween falls on a weekend. It certainly brings up the mood of this festive. For a moment, I thought I was back to Tokyo! Halloween so so big here in Hong Kong. The shopping streets at Causeway Bay looked like Elm Street! Beisde the usual "Draculas", we saw lots of cosplays (sexy nurses, sluts, policegals) and under-dressed superheroes. These "characters" were superbly friendly – you can pose with anyone on the street. We bumped into Spidey and he even webbed Elkan a candy! For me, I spotted a real sexy policegal (in hot shorts) and quickly grabbed Elkan to "woo" her. I said "Take my son away and lock me in your cell!" (Stupid Tracy, she took the photo waist-down! She missed the long sexy legs!)

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