King Cicada is 75th!


Straight from Tokyo, Kenneth (our 74th-75th Hong Kong Visitor) hopped in yesterday with his wife, Karen! What a perfect timing for a Friday gathering – King Bug meeting Flu Bug. (I was down with fever and was on MC yesterday – not H1N1.) His Grass-Shopper Wife was somehwere out there at Mong Kok. It was indeed a very short meeting… and they flew back today. Gotta miss them throughout winter. Sigh… I have to wait till summer before I meet this bug again.

One Response to King Cicada is 75th!

  1. Kenneth says:

    Good one…king bug meeting flu bug. 🙂 You don’t look that sick leh when we talked about the social networking place up in DG. Hope to go there and "network" with 1,000 potential leads. Better than some business gatherings right? Ha…take care The Chuas.

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