A 82kg Presence (Updated)

Bidding farewell to Rovis (leaving him with Tracy), I flew in to Singapore late afternoon yesterday – just in time to give my best friend, Meijie a surprising Birthday Presence! Thanks to Joanne, she helped me to stage this ah-hoc surprise for Meijie at Orchard Cineleisure Complex. Joanne tricked Meijie about a "BIG GIFT from Hong Kong" – she insisted Meije to pick it up at Billy Bomber at 6pm. (Meijie rejected her earlier on, citing that he will collect this gift from Joanne’s office next week!)

I was hiding behind the pillar with a piece of brownie. When Meijie walked in, an evil thought suddenly slipped into my mind. It kept echoed this: "Smack him with the pie… Smack him in the face.." For that spilt second, I almost activate my mind and hand to do such that! Seriously, that would be the best blog moments for Wahbiang and U-Tube. And a perfect Birthday memory for Meijie! Don’t ask me why I didn’t go ahead with that evil thought… somehow, I worried about bad karma. (I am sure Meijie can take such joke) 

Maybe I will strike the next birthday star… Mmm..let me see who’s next? (Shoot! It is my mother-in-law! Her birthday is just 1 day after Meijie!)

See Meijie’s birthday photos here (taken on 14th Aug, Friday!)

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