Juliana’s Masquerade Ball Party!

It has been almost 2 years since Juliana wrote on my blog. A happy mother (sporting a new cute Chinchin Hairdo) and a delighted birthday girl – the Wahbiang Clan planned a surprise "Masquerade Ball" for her while I was partying alone at DGSZ. No blog from me this weekend but I invited the birthday girl herself as my guest writer. In her own words (I thought she wrote very well), here’s the birthday story right from the Horse’s mouth!

By Guest Writer: Juliana Goh

The most thoughtful birthday gift I can say. Stepping into motherhood is never a easy task. Not enough sleep, zechariah’s crying not knowing what he wants + does he has enough milk is always constantly in my mind. This fabulous hotel plan may be just exactly what I need!
The plan told to me was we will head down to Crown Prince Hotel poolside for a drink after dinner. I had no doubts or so whatever until when duuk & I reached the hotel asking me where are we heading. That was when I got a little frustrated because he was on the phone with joanne a min ago asking her where to park. He could have ask her. I gave a call to joanne who did not pick up my call & next Stephen, no response.

That was when Duuk handed me a card holder containing a hotel card & a small note that said “a gift of privacy for the intimate moments…RM 933”. Ok, so this was duuk’s surprise for me I thought. Still thinking that Joanne & gang were waiting for me at the pool side. (At the same time joanne called asking where am I, & I told her we are heading to the room & she replied “ok, you put your stuff in the room 1st & we see you at poolside”.)
Once Duuk & I reached the doorstep, he refused to let me open & handed me a mask to wear. Hmmm… the funny thought did come across my mind – why does duuk want me to wear a mask!! Hehehehe….
Opened the door, slot the hotel card in but no lights activated, on the light and SURPRISE!!
That was when I found out joanne dedicated the job to kal to do up the décor and check-in in the afternoon. The hotel card holder & the bunch of flower cards were hand-made by kal. Take a closely look at the stalk of the flowers, they were hand-painted one by one.
Kudos to Joanne for the well-planned surprise, kal for the beautifully crafted cards & well displayed fruits palette (btw she brought her own wine glasses to cater for the crowd). Stephen whom bought the cake from Canele & the rest of the gang whom had made my 1st birthday event as a mummy a memorable one.
Love you guys!

One Response to Juliana’s Masquerade Ball Party!

  1. Joanne says:

    erm.. it’s not crown prince hotel my dear… Its Crowne Plaza Hotel (Changi Airport T3).

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