My 1st Puppy Love

Through the wonders of Facebook, I managed to "reconnect" my friendship with Ida after nearly 18 years. I sent her a surprise gift on her birthday and we met over the past few nights to catch up those "good old days". As I was extremely packed with work over the past 10 days, Ida had to accomodate with my schedule and I made her (with Yixi and Meijie) come all the way to my hotel lobby to meet me. Wow, this sure sound exciting – imagine me meeting my "puppy love" at my hotel lobby!!! Haaa….I bet many of my guys and ladies readers (who are mainly Felicia’s buddies) are having second guesses about our night-outs… Sure, I did invited "her" up to my room to use the internet (what a good reason, right?). But disgustingly, 2 not so "Zi-tong" friends came along too and ransacked my room!

One of the most special moments between Ida and me was when she showed me a "love book" that I made for her 20 years ago! (My god, it was filled with mushy texts and graphics!) I was touched that she has kept this book with her for the past 20 years. When I saw the book, thousands of images flashed back in my head – "it was like traveling back in time to 1990" I said this to Ida. It was a very strange feeling… Like a psychic, when I touched the book, I can see that lost images of yesterday. I was sitting there, very quiet… and feeling very sad – for I realised that that pure love and innocence weren’t there in me anymore.  I remembered the time when I made that book. I was at my late-granny house.. And for that one moment, I felt so so so sad.

I hate to be sentimental again. And Ida can felt that too. For an uncomfortable moment, we just sat there, not knowing how to break the silence. I asked her permission to keep this book for a couple of days. I took the book and she left (for Shanghai).

One Response to My 1st Puppy Love

  1. Ai-Mai says:

    Sorry to make you feel this way again….And thank you for all the beautiful pictures..

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