Blast Off to the Big 3!

Tracy has been working with me longer than anyone else.
In fact, she has been through 3 companies with me, from Singapore to Shanghai to Hong Kong. She is never a pretentious or an unreal "corporate-packaged" girl. Tracy is more like your typical "Rachael" of Friends. She is direct, crude, dangerously clumsy and very candid. Most importantly, she is one-of-a-hell loyal assistant! She is always the "girl under the radar" and I never think she ever make any big impact in the corporate world.

I brought her back for my event this May. 3 of my clients came to me and sang her praises. I was very surprised – cos these are the "hard cookies" who don’t normally give good words. I was so proud of her and felt so happy for her. And last night, we had an informal "birthday drink" with Tracy and friends at Clarke Quay. I rewarded Tracy by participating in her birthday dare – "The Reversed Bungy!"

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