Truly Asia, Truly CNY – Part I

Many were surprised when I told them that I will be heading to Malaysia this CNY instead of heading back to my Singapore home. “Aren’t you a Singaporean?” they asked. Yes, but I am also a half-Malaysian. Both my mothers were Malaysians.

Ever since I left to work in Greater China, I haven’t been back regularly to visit my granny and relatives in Malaysia during CNY. Also, dad doesn’t own a car any more and our families expanded (sister and I). We have to spend a tiny bomb (like SGD800) to rent a SUV (for 8 pax) to travel up. Moreover, the notorious and highly publicized car accidents during CNY discouraged our plans to travel. There were so many considerations and barriers that we have to gave up the trip. (I felt really bad cos’ my absence deprived my families a chance to gather with their own families in Malaysia.)

Working overseas made you miss your family and all those traditional customs a lot. Like a seed that grows in your heart, it bore fruits of memories of those good old days. At times, during work, I just wondered about the folks back in Malaysia. More powerful than the lure of good durians, this annual reunion of families (chatting and dining) fill our hungry hearts and minds with warmth and joys. One wondered, how many more chances do we have for such gatherings?

Thus, this year, we gave up our plans to travel elsewhere during CNY break. (We originally wanted to go to Vietnam or China.) I decided to go back and meet my old folks. Instead of stopping by Singapore, I decided to make Kuala Lumpur my pit stop. I wanted to meet Johnny and Ming (especially their baby princess). Also, I wanted to bring Felicia and Elkan to beautiful Bukit Tinggi. At the same time, I can stop by Malacca to visit Felicia’s family. (Haaa… one stone so many birds!)

6 days, 5 stops. This is indeed one of the “busiest vacations” we ever had. Over the next 6 days, we will be busy traveling on the road, packing and unpacking. Every day is a new destination (hundreds of miles away) and we will be checking in and out of hotel daily. Johnny and Ming were our first hosts in Malaysia. They came all the way to the airport to give us a surprise welcome! Our first stop is Bukit Tinggi. It was a 3-hour ride from the airport. Ming managed to “mobilize” her relative to drive us up the mountains. This made our lives easier – cos’ Felicia and I were carrying over 40kg of baggage. Plus another 22kg boy.

Bukit Tinggi is beautiful. Except for me (who came with Kal back in 2006), this mini replica French town is a first for everyone. Sitting at 2500ft high, the weather is so much cooler and fresher here. It was a very peaceful and “quiet” retreat for us. The resort on Friday night was pretty quiet. We had buffet dinner and later that evening, I went for a very relaxing Balinese oil massage.

Next morning, Saturday, we went to visit the Rabbit Farm and the Japanese Teahouse Village. The sceneries and landscaping are so beautiful. Elkan had lots of fun…feeding rabbits and fishes! (Guess what he fed the rabbits? He was picking up the black round rabbit dung – thinking it was rabbit food!)

Next stop: Meeting Cousin Leon and heading down to Muar!

2 Responses to Truly Asia, Truly CNY – Part I

  1. Stella says:

    woah so great you made the rite choice of coming to malaysia! ya indeed i’m half malaysia n singapore!..havent go the chance to explore the whole of malaysia yet after so many years but i’m still trying my best to cover the whole of malaysia! heehee..Gong Xi Fa Cai 😉 have lots of fun in malaysia yeah…God bless, Stella Tam

  2. yiyi says:

    wow sooooooo beautiful…………

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