Brother 风 Came & Gone


风 came and left.
For some strange coincidence, my Singaporean visitors arrived with similar patterns. My parents arrived during Typhoon Kanmuri (on the eve of Olympic Opening). Gareth and family arrived during Typhoon Nuri and left during Olympic Closing Ceremony. Both typhoons ended with letters "ri" and both were big enough to shut down the island.

It was an unusual visit. Gareth and family were "house-arrest" and spent one entire Friday – indoor with us. We managed to spend a good Saturday shopping along causeway bay, wan chai, women street and temple street… but traveling with 2 active boys can be quite challenging and taxing. Surprisingly, Gareth and Ivy knew their ways better than us! In fact, Gareth played "host"and showed us around Mong Kok! He brought me to places where I can get "gas guns" and "mobile phones". Those were Geek’s Paradise! Felicia and Ivy went back early on Sat night – leaving Gareth and myself to roam Mong Kok all by ourselves. Like real blood brothers, we explored the streets for 2 hours… Never know it is so good to go shopping with Brother 风.


Well, if anyone needs a tour guide on Kowloon side, I would certainly recommend these 2 visitors. They made such good shopping and dining companions! The typhoon didn’t really dampen their moods – Gareth was happier and excited during the typhoon moments. It was an extra "experience" for him – a gift from Mother Nature.

For Elkan, he has another good playmate to accompany him. He certainly enjoys a playmate – he kept telling Xaiver – "I like you you know. I want to hug you so much!" Guess he wants to keep Xavier as a softtoy.


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