Freshly Peeled

(Freshly Peeled Grapes – Dun you love them? These grapes come with thick bitter-sour skins and it tastes awful. We just have to peel off the skins to eat it. Just like the good old days when my dad and granny fed me with these skinless grapes. No doubt, it is hard tedious work to peel the skins off but the skinless grapes taste so juicy and yummy! Mmmm… Not a bad idea, maybe I should keep on buying these "thick-skinned sour grapes" so Felicia can peel them everyday for Elkan and ME!!!! Some one should invent a device to peel grapes.)

2 Responses to Freshly Peeled

  1. Jane says:

    Hi there, I’m the photo editor at The Daily Meal and we’d love to use this grapes photo for a piece we’re working on. The piece is about creepy foods for a haunted house. Please let me know if we can use this, and who to credit it to! Email me at Thanks so much!

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