Historical Nanjing

I went to Nanjing last weekend. It was an unplanned, last-minute trip. We had a free ride from a friend who works in Nanjing – so we just hopped on for a free vacation.

It was a 3.5-hour drive from Shanghai. Nanjing is a very scenic place. And in my personal opinion, I thought it is more beautiful and “real” than Hangzhou. Both Hangzhou and Nanjing share many similarities – big lake, beautiful hillside landscape, good dining and shopping street etc. However, Nanjing stood out with its rich historic past (Not to mention the infamous “Rape of Nanjing” incident). The city houses the world’s “longest city wall” – not to be confused by the Great Wall. Viewing the wall by the lake side, it is such beautiful sight.

Nanjing is also the resting place of Dr Sun (at ZhongShan Ling). And you can find natural hot springs in Nanjing too. Too bad, our trip was so short and we didn’t really explore much – except the Wall and shopping streets. It is certainly worth the trip to come back.

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