“The Days” Movie – Boi is in Town!


UPDATED (3rd August)
Director Boi (our 3rd Visitor) is in town this week for his movie post-production. Mr FancyPant Randy sent a couple of messages to me – making sure that I won’t missed out Boi’s number. (Yes…I didn’t miss him…we met!) Tracy and I met up with Boi and Winston for a short lunch today in Hong Kong. (Time is too short for us to smuggle him to Macau). We had congee and wantun noodles at IFC. It was good catching up the old times with all the "lao bengs" of Temasek. Until today, I am still puzzled how Boi is able to click with Randy and Christina. One is a "hokkien beng" and the others belong to the "ang moh" gang. Boi described it the "ang moh gang" best – he calls them the "Far East Kids". 

Still, it was a very "insightful" lunch. I got to know a lot more updates about the other friends. The Temasek friends are leading very interesting lives out there. And a couple of updates moved me. Thankfully, Boi is still the same (except putting on some weight – he is still the candid funny old Ah Beng of yesterday…and Winston as "arty" as ever… he shed some kilos and sported a nice hairdo. Coincidently, we just found out that we all worked at the same area in Central. 

Boi’s movie "The Days" (Rating NC16) will be screened islandwide (at Golden Village) in early Sept. Just heard that a couple of friends are specially flying back just to catch its premiere. (Boi promised us DVD with his "signature"). In desperation, I am still pestering him for a 1-minute XXX role in his future art movies.

We sure be seeing more of the crew… Randy, you coming hor?


My Temasek pals – Randy and Boi’s movie "The Days" is finally completed and it will be screened this Sept 08!
Check out their new movie here! (Click to play!)

For more info: goto – http://www.thedaysmovie.com/


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