Exclusive Lane!

I always wanted to do this! It is like fulfilling one of my childhood’s fantasy (pranks) without anyone one telling me off! That is – to walk down the bowling lane and come face to face with the pins. Like a small kid, I ran down the lane with my camera – jumping and hopping along the marked lane! It is so fantastic to have your own "private bowling alley" – I was "pig-walking" down the lane and Elkan was rolling on the carpet! For that short 2-hour, we (Sandy and son were here too!) had all the fun! The price is very reasonable – it only cost us S$50 to book this room for 2 hours! 4 of us each played 4 matches! Surely, this is one of the my preferred facilities in our house clubhouse – certainly not the gym and the running track.

p/s (Sorry, Joanne, we forgot to explore the clubhouse during your short stay! This is really fun! Gareth, when you are here in August, allow me to roll your son down the lane! It is not oily. Socks not provided.)



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