Dazzling Saturday

Yesterday, I brought Felicia, Elkan and Tracy to Tsim Sha Tsui to see the 8pm HK "Laser Show". Sandy and son (just came back from their London trip) came to join us too. Before the laser show, Sandy gave us a quick tour at their "pet street" and "night market" (which is not temple street and woman street – but looks similar to me.) Mum and Aunty Amy will love this place – there are so many "night markets" like this in Hong Kong. These markets are by far bigger and longer than those in Taipei and Shanghai. The prices? Cheap and good.


Knowing we wanted to see the laser show, Sandy (a very thoughtful friend) specially reserved a big table for us (window seats, overlooking Hong Kong Island) at "The Pier – Habitu". Sitting inside the air-con restaurant, we avoided the humid, hot 32-degree breeze outside. Elkan was so excited and kept screaming during the laser show. He definitely gave us away – his screams made us looked like "tourists". I was guilty too, I was busy snapping photos of the laser show outside.

The desserts were great. I can’t remember their names but it is worth going back for more. Elkan ate a "chocolate spoon" and daddy took care of the scoop.When it was time to say "goodbye", Elkan was sad. He insisted Sandy and son to go home with him – so they can see his "new house and club-house". With such sincere invitation, Sandy and son couldn’t say no. They will pop by our house next Sat.


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