The Hexagon Link

Many times, you may find yourself working with someone who may know another friend of yours. It could be until years later when you 2 realise the link. It is a strange connection – Some call it "Fate" while others would call it a "Small World".
A hexagon is a 6-sided triangle. It was believed that everyone in this world is somehow personally linked (not more than 6 layers)- through friend-of-friend connection. Of course, the easier way of putting this notion across is through this common term "A Small World". For me, I prefer to use a sexier term "The Hexagon Link".
To identity this link is not easy. The easiest way is to attend a big business networking event or a friend’s wedding. You will find common speeches like "Oh yes, I know him! He used to be my supplier!" Amazingly, in my own wedding dinner, I managed to identify more than 20 links in just 1 night of 500 guests. What can I say, Singapore is indeed a small place.
Now in Shanghai – a place where I would least expected to uncover any link – I found 2. One who knew my wife (in 1997, Lasalle) and the other who knew my cousin (in 1990, London). Isn’t that scary? I am working with people who knows my family.
I have then done a list of my own "Hexagon Link"… I am pretty amazed.
Some close linkages – identified only after years later
1) Scott (my colleague) met Leon (my cousin) in army
2) Scott (my colleague) met Michelle (my cousin-in-law) in Canada
3) Polly (my wife’s poly pal) and Randy (my friend’s ex-beau) are cousins
4) John (my army friend) and Shin (my wife’s uni pal) are ex-lovers
5) Jimmy (my sec. pal) and Shin (my wife’s uni pal) were colleagues
6) Zhibin (my cousin) and Raymond (my friend’s ex-beau) were schoolmates
7) Sean (my colleague) and Chester (my cousin) are friends
8) Franklin (my shanghai colleague) met Qianqian (my cousin) in London back in 1990
9) Darren (my shanghai colleague) met Felicia (my wife) in Lasalle back in 1997
10) Chris (my friend’s bestman) and Joanne (my friend) were classmates
11) Francis (my uni pal) is working for Bettina’s uncle (my colleague’s uncle) in Shanghai
12) Gareth’s mum (my sec. pal’s mum) and my Godmother are sworn-sisters
13) Mrs Ng (my sec. teacher) is my wife’s uni friend’s aunt 
14) Leon Lai (the famous singer) was my cousin’s HK classmates back in the 70s
15) Alicia (my shanghai colleague) was my aunt’s student back in Lasalle in 1996
16) Felicia’s cousin (my wife’s cousin) taught Kalinda (my poly pal) in her secondary school.
17) Elaine (my freelance) and Felicia (my wife) were colleagues back in 2001.
18) Sean (my colleague) and John Yap (my army friend) met while doing volunteer work!

One Response to The Hexagon Link

  1. Sam says:

    Sam Tan – Hexangonal link – Joe Chua  – Lady A – Boy B – Lady C – Boy D – Lady E – Joe Chua. Wow.. Splendid Spendid. Applause!!! 

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