Elkan 1st Day in School

Blog by Bobo:
(Tuesday, 12th Sept 2006)
Today’s a happy day for Elkan (so far lah). Brought him to school. He was a
little reluctant to step in until I make the first move, then he followed.
He smiled brightly most of the time. Other parents’ first impression was:
"Wah…. what a handsome boy!"

Very quickly, he settled down on the floor and played blocks with other boys
his age. Most of them can say their own names. And they are very friendly to
him. They offer him their toys and keep saying hello to him.

He waved his hands to asked me to sit beside him to play but I told him to
play with other boys. And he did. Then I told him: "Mummy going to work, ok?
You kiss mummy can?" He gave me a quick kiss, waved bye bye and went back to
his friends! Guess he was eager to play with them lah.

So I left him with mum. She’ll sit around for a while then go market after
he had his first meal there (breakfast). Think he should be fine lah.
Heee… Enjoy the pixs!


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