Elkan’s 1st Surgery (20th Sept)

Blog by: Bobo
The day started early at 4.30am where ELkan gets his last milk feed before
surgery. A sip of water before 7.30am and by 9.30am, we arrived at the
There were quite a number of kids at the waiting room. Elkan was reluctant
to change into the surgery gown, struggled a lot. He wouldn’t let the doc
touch him too. He was very afraid that his granny and me will leave him
alone. Kept hugging our legs. Just like what he did when we brought him to
the childcare.
After 5ml of sleepy syrup, he started smiling and swinging his head. He was
mumbling "star star.. star star" After 10 min, he was giving the gas mask
(strawberry flavored) and 2 mins later he was sound asleep.
zzzzzzZZZZZZZZz… …
The surgery took an hour. He slept for another 2 hours after that. Had some
milk when he woke up and was ready to walk around slowly. After he was able
to pass urine and walk on his own. He was discharged!
On the way home, he vomited on the cab… again. Guess he was still weak and
stomach couldn’t hold the food well. Once he was home, he was happy to with
his bear bear again!

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