The Arrival of Grey!

This is exactly what you get when you put a very dark chinese and a very fair chinese together. In fact, I like this name…a neutral element in itself.. A good neighbour of light and colours. But certainly a bad neighbour of principles and certainties. Perhaps, there are many who love to live in a grey area.
I was in Grey’s area today. Standing above him.. seeing the joys of black and white. Grey is certainly a special hybrid of 2 different cultures and nationalities. He is a Chinese no doubt…but certainly a complicated one. Right now, I shall call him a Singapore-Born-in-China-Chinese.
Like his father, I have been counting down to this date of arrival. In fact, I was more impatient than his parents. I have been calling almost every day…looking forward to see Grey. Coincidently, there are 9 birthdays this month (Meijie, Duuk, Kendrick, Kalinda, Linda, Felicia’s Mum, my sister and my niece) and Grey picked the same day as my sister.
Of course, Grey is more than than just a philosophy of colour. If you look at his initial, he comes right after E and F.
Oh yes, Grey has a chinese name – no no no… it is not anything like “Hui Chen” (dust). His parents decided to call him “Jia Chen“. Grey Xie Jia Chen.

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